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So, let me start by saying I'm not discussing the quality of the 50 Shades movie, I'm here to talk about the soundtrack for it. I haven't seen the movie, but I read that the soundtrack was amazing, and that they wrote a few original songs for it.

“We really wanted the songs to be part of the fiber of the film — nothing crowbarred in or just auxiliary to the experience,” said Mike Knobloch, president of film music at Universal. “There was a very deliberate effort to create as much original material as possible, to tailor the production, the lyrics, and the performance.”

That's a nice way to put it, but I've been thinking recently... We all know that Hollywood is imploding as the movies are getting more expensive while theater attendance and dvd purchases drop every year. They need to find more ways to monetize their movies, and I've seen a trend lately, through their music.

I think I first noticed it in Guardians of the Galaxy. People loved it, and bought it up. However, they had licensing and royalties to deal with. Now, what if they wrote their own music for it? I remember first hearing The Hanging Tree from Hunger Games on the radio, and I was a bit surprised. Now they contracted more popular artists to write songs for 50 Shades, and are making the soundtrack a big point of attack. Anytime that song plays, they get money.

My prediction? Start expecting to see the big movies start to feature original music, catering towards popular trends, for the purpose of making extra money from the soundtrack and radio plays, slowly but continuously. I'd also bet we will likely start seeing this advertised for the movie beforehand "Featuring original music by Trending Artist #5" etc. That's what I predict, let's see how it turns out...

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