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Last Updated: 28 July 2014

Wall of Fame, Comment Images and Instagram

posted 4 weeks ago

Wall of Fame

If you thought it was impossible to make the Wall of Fame, think again! We've recently implemented daily, weekly and monthly WoFs on Tickld. Each WoF comes with its own rewards.

Daily - Trophy!

Weekly - Trophy and Blue Text!

Monthly - Trophy, Blue Text and Bold Text!

All-Time - Trophy, Blue Text, Bold Text and Purple Text!

It's now possible for anyone to achieve the WoF for Karma or Up-Votes with a single quality comment or post!

Comment Images

Please, do not email us or post to the Tickld user profile with suggestions for comment images or gifs. We're working on a new method that will allow you to post your own comment images or gifs in addition to the preselected list. This feature should be available shortly!


Follow @thetickldteam on Instagram for an inside look! We're posting previews of the in-development Tickld App for iOS and Android along with shots of the team, the office and around Toronto.

Happy Tickling!

-- Kyle & The Tickld Team