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Last Updated: 01 June 2014

Choose Your Own Adventure

posted 2 months ago

Finally! Choose only the sections that interest you! Your customized 'me' section is now the default landing page for logged in users. Just another incredible reason to register an account on Tickld if you haven't already!

If you're a long-time Ticklr, please note that we no longer care to hear your complaints about 'too many memes' or 'Tickld isn't for feels, it's for funny'! Choose your sections and put a sock in it!

'All' really is all, now including both the 'ask' and 'comic' sections, which were previously excluded. We've also added 'feels' and 'cute' with plans to add additional sections in the coming weeks. We're open to your suggestions! Please email us or post to the Tickld user's profile.

Finally, to all those complaining about 'ask' now being included in 'all'... #1) 'All' is the 'all' page, not the 'everything-but-ask' page. #2) 'Ask' is now more prominent; hence, there are more votes, both up and down. The average up-vote to down-vote ratio; however, has remained largely the same. #3) You should be welcoming the few new people who are brave enough to venture into the Ask section! Ask is incredible OC and is an important part of Tickld! Be a good Ticklr! Whether Piclr or Askr... We're all Ticklrs here! Stop your whining and embrace the positive change!

-- Kyle & The Tickld Team