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PrincessShock 0 karmaJune 2013
.... And mannequins.
aradials -4 karmaJune 2013
That's pathetic if the guy actually did that.
veiledblade +1 karmaJune 2013Are You F*cking Kidding Me
...Have you seen that episode? Seriously that is the scariest shit I've seen.
twood11 0 karmaJune 2013
I am a full grown woman who had never had nightmares from a show/movie until the first angel episode with sally sparrow.
DavidDilligaf +2 karmaJune 2013
that totally happened
10taylorhendershot [m] +8 karmaJune 2013What The Hell (Doctor Who)
That person was like ->
RhiRhi03 +6 karmaJune 2013
Awesome. Just awesome. And I still slightly worry about every statue I see. Creeptastic!
MovieMoments +4 karmaJune 2013
mrpond +8 karmaJune 2013
whovians unite!
thirteeneighteenfive +11 karmaJune 2013
don't you mean "who-nite"?
mrpond +8 karmaJune 2013Applause
oh you word genius you
twood11 +1 karmaJune 2013
mrpond +1 karmaJune 2013
haha thanks