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Nobody has an About Me quite like this. Nobody! NOBODY!

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Charlatan +1 karma 1 hour ago
Lol, you're seeing what you want to see!
Charlatan 0 karma 1 hour ago
Wow maybe show some gratitude for the work that went into this post.
Charlatan 0 karma 1 hour ago
A conclusion I'd reached long ago after seeing hundreds of like posts and comments.

The world is a cubicle!
Charlatan +1 karma 1 hour ago
Omg I hadn't thought of it that way.
Charlatan +1 karma 1 hour ago
I found out James was an admin when they introduced the favourite user feature. There was certain information made available in the page source which led me to discover that he was one of the first users with an account. He then sent me numerous threats, including pictures of my kids at school.
Charlatan +1 karma 1 hour ago
I don't much like any classic rock. The vocals usually annoy me, so do the lyrics, and so do the riffs.
Charlatan +1 karma 1 hour ago
On my profile I received downvotes steadily for a good 12 months. They've tapered off, but occasionally a few people will go through downvoting anyone who's left a comment.
Charlatan +1 karma 1 hour ago
First is a lie. I haven't broken any bones.
Charlatan 0 karma 1 hour ago
There was nothing micro about my analysis of this post, lol. Scrape on.
Charlatan 0 karma 1 hour ago
No, I don't agree with him. And I don't think anyone is stupid contingent on whether they're familiar with theory of mind (which I only read about incidentally out of a casual interest in psychology). It's that I considered his comment demonstrative of a lack of theory of mind--that a person is more than the circumstances in which we find them at any given time (e.g. being at the gym isn't a 24/7 affair for anybody, so it being the sole criterion on which to judge an overweight person is pretty flimsy).

Calling him a daft cunt was a bit much and his comment didn't warrant that response from me. But it's part of the minutiae being taken up by people seemingly uninteresting in the rest of the topic at hand.
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Dahnhilla +6 karma5 gift!2 hours ago
Cheers for the karma. Was surprised to get so much positive on those comments.
It's tumbling down now that the post has gone hot.
Charlatan [m] +1 karma2 hours ago
"Think about this one thing." 'Tis a silly post.
Dahnhilla 0 karma2 hours ago
I'm not bothered by the idea that we should focus our thoughts on that, I'm bothered by the suggestion that it serves a purpose.
UnnecessaryCheese +1 karma3 hours ago
Bmqo mj e qijmw aagiir ayaxici ks rsft dwq M klgbe gtc'ni tyrs ua mmhp rrb W fwam usl. M jcpm dwq Qzgfoyt.
Charlatan [m] +1 karma3 hours ago
Lidiah +6 karma5 gift!7 hours ago
Heyy!! I am extremely sorry but today I remembered that a fair while ago you gifted me karma and I completely forgot to thank you for it!!

So a month or so late but.... Thanks for the Karma

Sorry again!!
AMagicJester +1 karmaYesterday
Charlatan, my main man.
Do you go out of your way to find profile pictures with alarming similarity, or do you create them yourself? Maybe you get one of your people to do it for you. In any case, please enlighten me, and the rest of the Tickld nation.
The warmest of regards,
Charlatan [m] 0 karmaYesterday
You mean this and the purple & orange one? I made them as "refresh" buttons for a desktop application.
AMagicJester +1 karmaYesterday
Yes, yes, that one. Very nice, I look forward to seeing what you have prepared for us in the future.
ChosimbaaaasBitch +6 karma5 gift!2 days ago
Thanks for the karmas
LarryLargeBalls +2 karma2 days ago
I need a who's who on the biggest cunts on this site, with an aim to childishly bully and annoy. Have your report on my desk by tomorrow
Charlatan [m] +2 karmaYesterday
There's a wanker by the name of Thomsonation who tries to be clever but fails quite miserably.
There's a one-dimensional skank by the name of laceandleathermadam who thinks she's got a "craaazy twisted mind" because she brags about sucking a lot of dick.
There's a retard called Vortex6700 who keeps diving into arguments about which he hasn't a clue. When he gets proven wrong, he claims he was trolling the whole time. He's done this on a few occasions.
There's a laughable cunt called BPaddon who leaves pathetic comments on the profiles of people with a woman in their avatar. Even cartoon women.
There's a guy called newekweet who favourites any woman. Any. He has well over a THOUSAND users favourited because he favourites any fucking woman.
UnnecessaryCheese +2 karmaYesterday
Charlatan [m] +1 karmaYesterday
Oh yeah, tickler4life made a shit Ask post and when people mocked them for it, he messaged them calling them fat (cuts deep). Then he favourited them in order to follow their comments and downvote them at the same time he made a post about how "trolls have favourited him to downvote his comments", which was obviously not true because nobody had favourited him. Seriously retarded fuckwit.
UnnecessaryCheese +2 karmaYesterday
LarryLargeBalls +1 karmaYesterday
Ok calculating strategies now. Good intel, troops. Medals in the post.
boug3afif +6 karma5 gift!2 days ago
btw, thanks for the karma mate. Pretty generous of you.
UnnecessaryCheese +1 karma3 days ago

self-deprecate self-deprecate
dazzla727 +6 karma5 gift!5 days agoThank You
NetherScorpion +2 karma5 days ago
Charlatan [m] +1 karma5 days ago
Yeah I was thinking the same thing dude.
NetherScorpion +1 karma5 days ago
Same wavelength bro. Do you believe in soulmates?
Charlatan [m] +1 karma5 days ago
As a heterosexual concept, you mean? Only heterosexuals have souls.
NetherScorpion +2 karma5 days ago
Well I'm not talking about those heathen gays am I?! I had a proper mint gay hunt last night, got a new kill record.
NetherScorpion +2 karma5 days ago
Are you really 26? If you are I think you're too old for this site.
Charlatan [m] +1 karma5 days ago
I am, and I am.
lkhall +1 karma6 days ago
Hey, what do you think would happen if you decided to look under there?
Charlatan [m] 0 karma5 days ago
lkhall +1 karma5 days ago
Oh god dammit, Char!
DaMemes +1 karma6 days ago
Whats the last thing you did in which it was obvious that you did not give a single fuck?
AddedDisclaimer, your answer may be used in a post
Charlatan [m] 0 karma6 days ago
On Tickld or off?
HalfAnothersDozen +1 karma6 days ago
Poke. Apparently.
DaMemes +1 karma6 days ago
preferably off, but if some bodacious badassery happened on Tickld then lets hear it
Charlatan [m] +1 karma6 days ago
Didn't see this notification... Off Tickld I recently chased a magpie. Pretty contemptuous, I think.

On Tickld I told someone to freeze their cat, claimed to have stomped on a puppy, and declared that dogs have souls and they all go to hell. I am the enemy of animal kind.
freedomwriter88 +6 karma5 gift!6 days ago
Thanks for the karma!
Normal_person [m] +4 karma1 weeks ago
Are you ok?
Charlatan [m] +4 karma1 weeks ago
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