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Sex Male
Age 25
Location Australia
Ticklr since Before October 2012

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Nobody has an About Me quite like this. Nobody! NOBODY!

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  • Chef squid, as requested. Next up: a flying microwave sh*tting on a fridge
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  • So wrong, yet it is so right.
  • In this family, we don't wait.
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Charlatan +1 karma 6 minutes ago
Thanks syphman. Here's where I came from:
Charlatan 0 karma 12 minutes ago
Social media content is produced by its subscribers... Which is why NONE of it is worth a damn.
Charlatan 0 karma 15 minutes ago

I don't much care for this band's vocalist... But this song is an instrumental, so whatevs.
Charlatan +1 karma 18 minutes ago
There's that connotation, but the literal interpretation rings true as well.
Charlatan +2 karma 42 minutes ago
Your posts are always excellent. One of Tickld's finest art dorks.
Charlatan +1 karma 43 minutes ago
That seems to happen from time to time. The only instance in which the link won't work is immediately after you post it. When you refresh the page, there is no issue (so nobody else will ever have problems opening it).
Charlatan +1 karma 1 hour ago
Chotch as fuck. If there are varying degrees of Chotchiness, this is on the Chotchier end of the spectrum.
Charlatan +1 karma 2 hours ago
Even if it's aggressive in tone?
Charlatan 0 karma 2 hours ago
^ How worked up and spazzcunted Ticklrs get over comic strips.
Charlatan +1 karma 2 hours ago
Why not read it twice, then?
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syphs +1 karma14 minutes ago
Just wanted to say congratulations on the number 1 karma position dude.
Charlatan [m] +1 karma6 minutes ago
Thanks syphman. Here's where I came from:
syphs +1 karma4 minutes ago
You're an inspiration to us all dude.
Dr_Dubstep +1 karma10 hours ago
Grats on #1 and putting that green fag in his place
Charlatan [m] +1 karma9 hours ago
Right in the faggy position of #2. Thanks for the well-wishes moine.
Martony [m] +1 karma17 hours agoWell Done
Grats on #1 dude
Charlatan [m] +1 karma10 hours ago
Shoix man. It was worth trading in my soul.
santino158 +1 karma21 hours agoLet Me Love You
that fucking Karma... jesus Christ if i was a slut i'd totally let you do me in the ass for free in the hopes that you would one day marry me and i would take half of that shit and be like 20th on the list or something.
Charlatan [m] 0 karma10 hours ago
9th on the list. Once upon a time, there was no limit to how much karma you could gift in a day. A few people threw around 1,000+. The end.
santino158 0 karma7 hours agoCool Story Bro
Dayum son... You sexy as shit right now
Charlatan [m] 0 karma6 hours ago
~*~I gOt ThAt BlUe TeXt~*~ from something other than reposting, too.
santino158 0 karma3 hours agoShut Up Baby I Know It
kokko +8 karma5 gift!Yesterday
thanks for the karma
aaaalicia [m] +1 karmaYesterday
hi I miss you.
Charlatan [m] +1 karmaYesterday
Get outta here!
aaaalicia [m] +1 karmaYesterday
Charlatan [m] 0 karmaYesterday
Oh ok. You have to catch me up on everything ever, plzthx.
aaaalicia [m] +1 karmaYesterday
k when I get technologies that work again I will skype you for hours and regale you with many stories.
Charlatan [m] 0 karmaYesterday
Technologies don't currently work, huh? And don't you have a phone?
aaaalicia [m] +1 karmaYesterday
I have a phone that only calls and texts in America. and I have a computer that only types 2 letters. I'm borrowing a keyboard to type this. I am poor. when I get more money I will talk to you non-stop like before. GET READY.
Charlatan [m] +1 karmaYesterday
Threat received.
aaaalicia [m] +2 karmaYesterday
LOLOLOL you're number 1 on the wall! I can hardly remember the Charlatan I first met who was one of the most infamous tickld trolls.
Charlatan [m] 0 karmaYesterday
How long do you think it would take me to get back down to 0?
aaaalicia [m] +1 karmaYesterday
like a week. you're pretty talented.
Jonteon +1 karma2 days ago
Well done on the wall of fame. You truly have the most internet points out of all the internet people!
Jonteon +1 karma2 days ago
(Seriously though, grats on the cheev)
Charlatan [m] +3 karma2 days ago
Thanks mayne. I think it owes a lot to the fact that Tickld has changed for the better. You no longer get downvoted for speaking out against mindless repetitive bullshit.
Jonteon +2 karmaYesterday
I remember when you did pretty much the same comments you did now, but were at like -1000 or something. Ah, tickld nostalgia...
NetherScorpion +1 karma2 days ago
Charlatan [m] +2 karma2 days ago
Thanks for this, I'll show my grandmother later.
rlj28 +1 karma2 days ago
Congrats on #1, are you gonna consider getting a life now?
Charlatan [m] +2 karma2 days ago
You must be karma farming, because you already had +1 when I thumbed you down.
rlj28 +1 karma2 days ago
Nah your profile's probably attracting more traffic now 'ooooh he's number 1, I'm gonna pretend I like him now cause he's popular like Harry Potter'.
AddedP.s. Thumbing down is for the weak, you could tell me to kill myself and I still wouldn't neg you out of principle.
Charlatan [m] +8 karma5 gift!2 days ago
Hey, I resent that suggestion.

People have always pretended to like me, thank you very much.
rlj28 +1 karma2 days ago
I'm gonna gift you internet points for making me laugh, despite it being a futile effort. I dunno, maybe you can get to SUPER number 1, imagine that.
supatrollfaice +1 karma2 days agoWHAT
Number 1 on the WoF....
Charlatan [m] +5 karma2 days ago
Remember when I was at -900 and everybody hated me? Good times.
supatrollfaice +2 karma2 days ago
Do you get green text for being on top?
Charlatan [m] 0 karma2 days ago
Nope. I suppose I should harass them about that.
prettyflyforabiguy [m] +2 karma2 days ago
Congratulations on being #1 ticklr eva
Charlatan [m] +1 karma2 days ago
Thanks Toto, my family threw a huge party in celebration.
al_goonie 0 karma3 days ago
Congrats on reaching the top #1
Charlatan [m] +1 karma3 days ago
My friend and I used to belittle our teammates on Xbox live for the whole game. We'd stir them up until they were all insulting us. We were usually first and second on the scoreboard by the end of the match, so we'd taunt, "LOOK WHO NUMBER ONE!" The end.
NetherScorpion +2 karma3 days ago
So I guess I better start sucking your dick then huh, your lordship?
Charlatan [m] +2 karma3 days ago
NetherScorpion +2 karma3 days ago
Samerekaul24 [m] +2 karma3 days agoWe're Not Worthy
I bow before the new king....
Charlatan [m] +4 karma3 days ago
Monarchy works!
Samerekaul24 [m] +2 karma3 days agoBow (Eric)
At your service, my liege....
Samerekaul24 0 karma3 days ago
This comment has been deleted.
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