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ckbassist 0 karma February 2013
I've been ignoring the signs for too long
ckbassist 0 karma February 2013
saying that his bad chicken joke was using the same logic as the joke in the picture was the strawman
ckbassist +10 karma February 2013
that's what I want to think, but that's not the smile of a friendzoned guy, that's the smile of a boss
ckbassist +12 karma February 2013
"the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve" -Jesus
ckbassist +4 karma February 2013
I think it'd be fair to argue that the religious world has contributed a lot to science too, perhaps more than most people think. Islamic empires brought us algebra, the digit 0, and coffee(who knows how much that has helped science). Also the reason europe was ever able to come back from the dark ages were all of the records stored in monasteries. Who knows if religion has had more of a positive or negative impact on science (back then). I feel like it's overall pretty even
ckbassist 0 karma February 2013
and they reference eddie van halen being a xombie for real when bill murray last saw him
ckbassist +2 karma February 2013
But if I was an psychic powered experiment, I could do so much more with the gift of life
ckbassist +5 karma February 2013
Every time I see one of these, I think I'm sick of them, but then I read it and think it's awesome
ckbassist +1 karma February 2013
I'm still holding out for a chutes and ladders movie
ckbassist +2 karma February 2013
it's too bad we couldn't save him
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